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Voices Rising Anthology Contributor: My personal account and several interviews from the Katrina Floods, New Orleans, LA 2005

The Date Palm Tree: A Project of the Woman PeaceMakers Program, Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice, University of San Diego 

DW Lights a Fire:

Book 1 of the Traveler  Series Coming Soon! 

EXCERPT FROM DW Lights a fire

     Gaia has a story too.

     It is vast and wide. It is a love story actually. It is about a dream of love and how   that   love was lost. That love was cut off, taken away. Every fiber of her longed for   her love   again. This went on for a very long time. 

    Gaia's story is about heartache too. Loneliness, caught within the web of space   but   not being able to touch it. Then it is about going back to the source of that   love and of   all that at one time she had forgotten. All of the sudden in her infinite   slumber, she  remembered everything. 

     In the creepy jungle, in the urban cities, in the desert silence, she is always   there. Theefore the bugs on her back and the humans too. They are never eally   alone.   This is Gaias story. Won't you sing along in celebration for her return into   the cosmic    family?


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